Basic Resolution:

Most issues with the JBC Media Box can be remedied by ensuring internet and power connections are constant. It is always recommended, when possible, to run the JBC Media Box off a dedicated ethernet line to limit disruptions. If an issue were to occur the first place to check would be internet connectivity and power conditions.

Screen Refresh:

Using the remote control provided in the JBC packaging, press the home button. This will bring the player back to the beginning of the playlist and refresh content.

Graphics not displaying correctly (Frozen, Black, or White Screen):

  • Power cycling via remote
    1. Use the remote control provided in the JBC packaging.
    2. Press the power button on the top right to power down the JBC Media Box.
    3. Once completely powered off, use the same button to power on the JBC Media Box.
    4. Give the JBC Media Box time to resync.
  • Power cycling via power supply
    1. Unplug the power supply of the JBC Media Box.
    2. Wait 10 seconds before plugging the power supply back in.
    3. Give the JBC Media Box time to resync.

JBC Media Box not turning on:

  • Check power conditions.
  • Follow power cycling procedures.
  • The power supply may have been overloaded. The JBC Media Boxes only take 100-240 Volts and 0.5 Amps at any given time. The use of surge protectors is best practice, as with any electronics.
  • Click Here: Power Supply Replacements